Monte Carlo study of the random-field Ising model

by M. E. J. Newman

Publisher: Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y

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StatementM.E.J. Newman, G.T. Barkema.
SeriesTechnical report / Cornell Theory Center -- CTC95TR218., Technical report (Cornell Theory Center) -- 218.
ContributionsBarkema, G. T., Cornell Theory Center.
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In statistical mechanics, the Potts model, a generalization of the Ising model, is a model of interacting spins on a crystalline studying the Potts model, one may gain insight into the behaviour of ferromagnets and certain other phenomena of solid-state strength of the Potts model is not so much that it models these physical systems well; it is rather that the one. Journal of Statistical Physics Vol Number 3, June, Bernard Derrida Velocity and diffusion constant of a periodic one-dimensional hopping model G. Korzeniewski and R. Friesner and R. Silbey Localized excitation transport on substitutionally disordered lattices.. C. Van Den Broeck On the relation between white shot noise, Gaussian white noise, and the dichotomic. 60 Monte Carlo study of Magnetic Phase Transitions in a Model for FeCl2. L. HERNANDEZ, H.T. DIEP and D. BERTRAND, Phys. Rev. B 47, (). 61 Critical Behavior of an FeBr2 Model, a Monte Carlo Study. L. HERNANDEZ, H.T. DIEP and D. BERTRAND, Europhys. Lett. 21, () 62 First-Order Transition in antiferromagnetic stacked triangular. "Equimagnetization Lines in the Hybrid-Order Phase Diagram of the d=3 Random-Field Ising Model (invited)" S.R. McKay and A.N. Berker, J. Appl. Phys. 64, (). "Random-Field Distributions of d-Dimensional Ising Models: Evolution under Scale Change and Fixed Distributions".

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Abstract: Using a cluster-flipping Monte Carlo algorithm combined with a generalization of the histogram reweighting scheme of Ferrenberg and Swendsen, we have studied the equilibrium properties of the thermal random-field Ising model on a cubic lattice in three dimensions.

We have equilibrated systems of LxLxL spins, with values of L up to 32, and for these systems the cluster-flipping method Cited by: We review recent numerical progress in the study of finite dimensional strongly disordered magnetic systems like spin glasses and random field systems.

In particular we report in some detail results for the critical properties and the non-equilibrium dynamics of Ising spin glasses. Furthermore we present an overview of recent investigations on the random field Ising model and finally of Cited by: It has recently been shown experimentally and through Monte Carlo (MC) simulations that the three-dimensional (d=3) dilute, anisotropic antiferromagnet Fe x Zn 1−x F 2 in an applied uniform field exhibits the equilibrium critical behavior of the random-field Ising model (RFIM) only for magnetic concentrations x> Although there is some agreement between previous MC simulations and Cited by: Title: Theory of the Random Field Ising Model.

Authors: T. Nattermann. Download PDF Monte Carlo calculations, weighted mean field theory etc.). The ferromagnetic transition is believed to be preceded by a spin glass transition which manifests itself by replica symmetry breaking.

In the discussion of dynamical properties, we concentrate Cited by: 9. Series and Monte Carlo study of high-dimensional Ising models. to study the Ising model in a random field, Monte Carlo and series study of corrections to scaling in the Baxter-Wu model.

Using Monte Carlo simulations, we studied the structure factor S (q) of the two-dimensional (2D) random field Ising model (RFIM) with a binary probability distribution. The behaviour of systems with random impurities (which cause random fields or random interactions) is a problem of great current interest.,, In particular, it is believed that in the Ising model in a random field the lower critical dimension is raised from d ℓ = 1 to either d ℓ = 2, 4 or d ℓ = 3.

5 The random field causes roughening effects at d which prevent the system from Author: Martin Grant, J.D. Gunton. The equivalence between the transition in the random Ising antiferromagnet in uniform transverse and longitudinal fields (RIAFTL) to that in the random field transverse Ising model is obtained by employing semi-classical decimation of the one sublattice of the RIAFTL system, which neglects commutators between the spin : Sei Suzuki, Jun-ichi Inoue, Bikas K.

Chakrabarti. Abstract. Recent years have seen enormous activity on “random” systems: on the theoretical side, where models containing random parameters in the Hamiltonian are considered (for a magnetic system, one commonly considers randomness in the exchange interaction, in the anisotropy, in the field coupling to the order parameter, etc.); on the experimental side, systems with structural disorder Cited by: 9.

This book covers the techniques of computer simulations of disordered systems. It describes how one performs Monte Carlo simulations in condensed matter physics and deals with spin-glasses, percolating networks and the random field Ising model. Site-dependent mean-field theory and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations are used to study and compare random-field Ising ferromagnets (RFIM) and Ising diluted antiferromagnets in a field (DAFF).

For short-time-scale simulations the two approaches lead to similar results for the various history-dependent magnetizations, and specific heats and for the.

ISBN: OCLC Number: Description: 1 online resource (xiv, pages): illustrations: Contents: Equilibrium Monte Carlo simulations --Introduction --Statistical mechanics --Equilibrium --Fluctuations, correlations and responses --example: the Ising model --Numerical methods --Monte Carlo simulation --brief history of the Monte Carlo method --Problems.

Department of Physics, University of California Santa Cruz, CAUSA \abstracts New advances in experiments on the random-field Ising model, as realized in dilute antiferroma. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them.

1 Introduction to practice of molecular simulation: molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, Brownian dynamics, Lattice Boltzmann, dissipative particle dynamics. Beyond the Sherrington–Kirkpatrick Model (C de Dominicis et al.) Out of Equilibrium Dynamics in Spin-Glasses and Other Glassy Systems (J-P Bouchaud et al.) Quantum Spin Glasses (R N Bhatt) Experiments on the Random Field Ising Model (D P Belanger) Theory of the Random Field Ising Model (T.

The Random Field Ising Model (revisited) Lenka Zdeborová (CNLS, LANL, Los Alamos) in collaboration with F. Ricci-Tersenghi (La Sapienza, Rome), F.

Krzakala (ESPCI, Paris) P. Sulc (CNLS, LANL, Los Alamos) Saturday, Janu An up-to-date introduction to Monte Carlo simulations in classical statistical physics.

Covers both equilibrium and out of equilibrium systems and discusses in detail numerous algorithms, including Metropolis and heat-bath algorithms, continuous time Monte Carlo, cluster algorithms, and.

() Reaction of an irregular particle with a gas: Monte Carlo method for the solution of the pellet-grain model. Chemical Engineering Science() On the Efficiency of Generalized Antithetic Transformations for Monte Carlo by: () Monte Carlo study of the random-field Ising model.

Physical Review E() Assessing the quality of the sampling of fuel peat using computer by: Differentiate between Worst case analysis and Monte Carlo analysis.

Planning - Social systems, Engineering systems 'Monte Carlo study of the random-field Ising model' 'Monte Carlo methods in. The book is well organized; the flow of topics follows a logical development. The coverage is up-to-date and comprehensive, and so the book is a good resource for people conducting research on Monte Carlo methods.

The book would be an excellent supplementary text for a course in scientific computing ." (SIAM Review). Hoffman and M. Schreiber, editors, Computational Physics, Springer-Verlag (). Jain, Monte Carlo Simulations of Disordered Systems, World Scientific ().

Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, Emergent Complex Behavior in Physical and Biological Systems, Cambridge University Press (). "Extended Ensemble Monte Carlo" is a generic term that indicates a set of algorithms, which are now popular in a variety of fields in physics and statistical information processing.

Exchange Monte Carlo (Metropolis-Coupled Chain, Parallel Tempering), Simulated Tempering (Expanded Ensemble Monte Carlo) and Multicanonical Monte Carlo (Adaptive Cited by: The breakdown of hyperscaling in the 3D Random Field Ising model (RFIM) has been extensively studied [5,6,7,8].

The first hyperscaling relation in this model is re-written 2 − α = (D − θ) ν where θ is the “violation of hyperscaling exponent” [ 5 ] with θ ∼ 1.

47 in the 3D RFIM [ 9, 10 ].Author: Ian A. Campbell, Per-Håkan Lundow. Monte Carlo simulation of random magnets Debashish Chowdhury one assumes H.

= H for all i. (ii) Random-field Ising model (RFIM). The exchange interaction is assumed to be non-random, but the field H. is random. In the the corresponding disordered model should belong to,nelast,c neutron scattering study ot the -d,luted.

A Monte Carlo study of the critical behaviour of compressible Ising systems, B. Chakrabarti, N. Bhattacharyya and S. Sinha, J. Phys.

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A Weakly Anisotropic Ising Model in a Random Field. Pages Monte Carlo Study of the 2-Dimensional Spin-1/2 XY model. Magnetic Excitations and Fluctuations Book Subtitle Proceedings of an International Workshop, San Miniato, Italy, May 28 – June 1, Editors.

The critical point of the random field Ising model Jon Machta University of Massachusetts Ilija Dukovski, UMASS Yong Wu, UMASS Lincoln Chayes, UCLA Mark Newman, U. Michigan Supported by NSF. Purchase Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation - 1st Edition.

Print Book & E-Book. ISBNMonte Carlo Simulation of Vulcanization Cluster Numbers From the Potts Model Random-Field Ising Model: Domain Growth Theory Random Field Ising Model: Computer Simulations of Domain Growth. @article{osti_, title = {Interacting damage models mapped onto ising and percolation models}, author = {Toussaint, Renaud and Pride, Steven R}, abstractNote = {The authors introduce a class of damage models on regular lattices with isotropic interactions between the broken cells of the lattice.

Quasistatic fiber bundles are an example."Monte Carlo Simulation of Very Large Dilute Random-Field Ising Model Using Multi-Spin Coding", COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS (Elsevier), vol, (). A kinetic Monte Carlo study”, Physical Review B 70,11 pages () Abstract Nikolai Zarkevich and D.D. Johnson, “Reliable First-Principles Alloy Thermodynamics via Truncated Cluster Expansions”, Physical Review Lett /4 ().